Lakshmi V. Kalluri

Anthem, Inc.

Lakshmi Kalluri

Lakshmi V. Kalluri is a senior business intelligence consultant for Anthem, Inc. She helps organizations apply a data science lens to accelerate digital transformations.

Kalluri has more than a decade and a half of experience in the financial industry where she transformed line management activities in the consumer, small business and corporate transformation and identified real-life application of AI in mortgage underwriting.

Her most recent foray into the healthcare industry is driven by personal experience and wanting to make a contribution into putting healthcare into your hands.

In her current role at Anthem, she is leading the transformation of reimagining legacy approach to exponential technologies.

Previosuly, she held similar positions at Summit Materials and the UnitedHealth Group.

Lo Li—Keynote Speaker


Lo Li is the senior vice president and CIO of Global Consumer Solutions at Equifax. She has spent the past two decades leading global multi-billion dollar corporations for some of the world’s most renowned hospitality and retail brands in the world, working with hundreds of teams dispersed in the UK, China, Singapore, and India.  Some of her work includes the creation of dynamic pricing and predictive analytics engines for all of IHG’s 5000 global hotels, scaling big data and Agile to enable business transformation at large retailers including a double-digit growth plan for SPANX’s digital and international presence. 

She brings a deep understanding of how to translate corporate visions and strategies into simple, elegant solutions, using her international business acumen and technology background as both a business enabler and a competitive differentiator.

Li is multi-lingual— fluent in Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and English—and is the recipient of several industry accolades. She serves on the board of directors for several national non-profit organizations. Li received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Georgia.

Brandeis Marshall

Spelman College

Brandeis Marshall is a professor of computer science in the Computer and Information Sciences Department at Spelman College and the founder and CEO of the Dataedx Group. ​

In research, Marshall is interested in discovering effective ways of handling text-based data and information. Her three main focuses are: (1) labelled data analysis, (2) unlabeled data analysis and (3) fixed-length data analysis. Her work has resulted in more than 30 scholarly refereed publications, including journal articles, conference, and extended abstracts. Currently, she is serving as the principal investigator of an HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project called Data Science eXtension, which aims to integrate data science fundamentals in the curriculum at Spelman and Morehouse Colleges. She is also a principal investigator of the NSF-funded Data-Driven Discovery and Alliance, which is devising targeted exposure to data science for science and engineering fields through the establishment of an Atlanta-based multi-institutional cooperative alliance. Other research interests include the BlackTwitter Project, which blends data analytics, social impact, and race as a lens to understanding cultural sentiments.  

Aside from her scholarly endeavors, Marshall has been actively engaged in mentoring the next generation of STEM professionals, particularly those from under-represented groups. This engagement has included serving on the program committees for the ACM Richard Tapia Diversity in Computing Conference, serving as a committee member of SuperComputing's Broader Engagement and Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. From 2012 to 2016, Dr. Caio Soares and Marshall co-lead the Broadening Participation in Data Mining Program, co-located with KDD.

Jennifer Lewis Priestley

Kennesaw State University

Jennifer Lewis Priestley is a professor of applied statistics and data science at Kennesaw State, where she is also the director of the center for statistics and analytical services. She was recognized by the SAS Institute as the 2012 distinguished statistics professor of the year and regularly speaks at data and analytics conferences. She has authored many published articles on binary classification, sampling and application of statistical methodologies for problem-solving, as well as several textbook manuals for Excel, SPSS, SAS, and Minitab.

Prior to receiving a Ph.D. in statistics, Priestley worked in the financial services industry for 11 years. Her positions included vice president of business development for VISA EU; vice president for business development for MasterCard International; and additional positions with AT&T Universal Card and Andersen Consulting.

Priestley received an M.B.A. from The Pennsylvania State University and a B.S. from Georgia Tech. She also received a certification from the ABA Bankcard School and a certification in Base SAS Programming and a Business Analyst Certification from the SAS Institute.

Ellen W. Zegura

Georgia Institute of Technology

Ellen Zegura is the Fleming Professor in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. She works in two primary areas: computer networking and computing for social good. In computer networking, she is known for her work on the GT-ITM suite of Internet topology tools, which remain in use 20 years after their release. In mobile wireless networking, Zegura and colleagues invented the concept of message ferries to facilitate communications in environments where network connectivity is unreliable and/or sparse. Her work in computing and social good includes work in Liberia, with Native Americans in Southern California, and with residents of the Westside of Atlanta. She is a fellow of the IEEE, a fellow of the ACM, and an elected member of the Computing Research Association Board (CRA). Since Fall 2014 she has been on the Executive Board of the CRA.